Living Produce Aisle is a concept store by Urban Cultivator. It aims to bring fresh produce to every neighborhood, giving everyone access to healthy food.




Using Urban Cultivator appliances, Living Produce Aisle grows a variety of greens, including wheatgrass, micro broccoli, and micro arugula, and uses them to create delicious and nutrient-packed smoothies. The flats of greens as well as the Cultivators themselves are also for sale.




Urban Cultivator appliances are the first of their kind—indoor growing kitchen appliances that use completely self-sustained growing systems. Since the company’s establishment in 2010, Urban Cultivator has signed a deal with Arlene Dickinson on Dragons’ Den and expanded across North America and to some European countries.


Tarren and Arlene showing off some Urban Cultivator-grown greens


Urban Cultivator offers two models: one for the home kitchen, and one for the commercial kitchen. The Residential model has the ability to grow up to four flats of fresh microgreens, vegetables, and herbs, and the Commercial model can grow up to 16 flats. Both have automatic watering, lighting, and temperature functions with your ease of use in mind.




Our Yaletown storefront, located at 1168 Hamilton Street, is what we hope to be the first of many. Urban Cultivator’s plan is to franchise Living Produce Aisle and introduce this unique store to every city.


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