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Malt Amaranth

Pepper Arugula

Bright Basil

Mighty Broccoli

Crunchy Cabbage

Delicate Chervil

Mild Chives

Citrus Dill

Maple Fenugreek

Nutty Flax

Power Kale

Earthy Komatsuna

Zesty Lemon Balm

Robust Lentils

Crisp Lettuce

Aromatic Marjoram

Sharp Mustard

Sugar Pea

Fresh Parsley

Zesty Peppercress

Indigo Radish

Spicy Radish

Ruby Veined Sorrel

Woodsy Sage

Umami Savory

Licorice Shiso

Tart Sorrel

Hearty Sunflower

Sweet Wheatgrass

Amber Pea

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